Art Lift - Oct 09 2020

Taniko Ga

In Russia, Tatiana Gavrilova is a ceramic artist. In non-Russian circles, she prefers to call herself Taniko Ga.
Every piece of her work is purely handmade and unique.
She is not a public person. Every fan who is lucky enough to buy her work need only look at the aura of her work to feel that she is a master of art.

01. The confusion of the chicken coroner

Taniko is not a trained professional artist.
After graduating from the veterinary hospital, she worked on a poultry farm for many years. Her dream was to become an animal pathologist.
Her job was to "Just do an autopsy for the chicken," Taniko joked.

She is passionate about creating from nothing, indulging in the surprises that sparkle when inspiration comes, and obsessed with the process of quietly transforming inorganic materials into beauty with her fingers.
"Art" is synonymous with sunshine, glowing with a golden light that is hard to touch.
The identity of "artist" does not sound like a female veterinarian from a small village.

To Taniko, whenever you take off the protective masks and look at the chicken feathers, there is always a voice in my heart calling out:
Where is the real you?

02. Tsar’s Christmas tree

On the day of Christmas, she and her husband went to see an exhibition about Tsar Alexander III.
A 19th-century Christmas tree deeply attracted her attention; the decorations on the tree were all made of paper paste,. After centuries, it still exuded breathtaking beauty...
Maybe art is not just a superb, pristine beam of light?

Taniko started working with her hands, learning to create and ignoring the customary lessons of how to approach "art".
Simple small installations made of paper towels and glue, Christmas decorations carved out of plaster, to professional ceramics... With the passion and pursuit of creation, she has grown into her own process. His works are very popular and much loved. From Russia to Europe, to many corners of the world, there are always people enthralled with her masterpieces.
Taniko is very good at capturing the fleeting splendor of life, and then uses her hands to shape herself, always touching the softness of people's hearts.
Just as a customer commented on her new work:
"In my crazy and chaotic days, only your work can make me smile."

03. Cat artist 

Taniko's creation covers a variety of materials and themes, but one in particular is at the center of her heart --cats.
She loves cats and has two “kitty members” in her family.
One was raised by her husband before the marriage (she joked that the cat was her husband’s "dowry"), and the other was a stray cat adopted by the two, with a cunning character.
"Cats are perfect animals!" Taniko praised confidently.

Taniko’s character is somewhat similar to that of a cat.
She doesn't like too much communication, 80% of the time she likes to be alone comfortably.
Occasionally she will go camping with her husband, and will sometimes try to grow vegetables by herself. Although the weather is not always perfect when camping, and the rapeseeds planted cannot always grow, she enjoys the process and enjoys this leisurely and comfortable life.
"Because it's funny," she says with a big grin.

04. The Cat porcelain plate

The cat porcelain plate series is Taniko's most popular work. The natural form of the cat is shaped extremely smartly.
The sly and lazy little eyes, the round belly, the pointed matter it's a black cat, a three-flowered, or a big orange, every little detail is alive and vivid, as if the next second, they will stretch out. Lazyily, jumped out of the plate.
Any cat fan who sees it will be amazed at this insight and display power and full of praise.
Come and see, is it like your cat?