Art Lift - Jan 07 2021

Wenlu Ma

Wenlu Ma, the top scorer in the Inner Mongolia Art Examination, was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts as the fifth top student in her specialty in China. Now she has chosen a path of self-growth while helping others.

01. "Keep it fun. Keep it light."

Ma Wenlu's painting style and theme are very similar to her own character -- free and light, not attached to a certain established style and rule. Her art is always in a state of constant exploration, transformation, and experimentation. People can not step into the same river, and the artist Ma Wenlu is the same -- each painting has her new thinking, each creation will be a new spark.
Even in the face of bottlenecks that many artists have avoided in the past and present, she treats hardships as one treats an old friend.
"Inspiration and bottleneck are complementary, two sides of the same thing." "She concluded with great sense. If you're stuck, just go with the flow and relax. In Ma's view, there is no need to get stuck in a corner, the stream of inspiration will always continue to flow forward.
As if practicing martial arts to the realm of the supreme master general, Ma Wenlu’s favorite quote was one told to her by a mentor:
"Don't stick too closely to it. Maybe excellence will find a way to find you when you don't care about it."
Painting or life, in her view, does not need to be deliberately demanding. The sun will always rise and there is nothing too difficult to get through.
With a smile she summed up this relaxed view of life in her own words in a catchy short sentence:
"Keep it fun. Keep it light."

02. Superpowers and dream anticipation

"I have superpowers." "She said confidently.
Ma Wenlu, a young artist with bright features, is an interesting eccentric, worthy even by artist standards.
She is a true mystic, believing that the stone statues of Easter Island can speak to her, that she was Malaysian in a previous life, and many other quirky, playful things.
From the age of five or six, she "inherited" from her mother the ability to predict dreams. What happened in her dream soon mirrored reality, with great precision.
Imagine as a kid, finding out that one has this magical power. Some kids might be scared. Some kids might use the power to fulfill their little wishes.
Ma Wenlu, with her usual relaxed nature, felt that she could always predict the future and that everything happened according to what she had seen before, which was rather boring and mundane.
So, at that time she was little, she trained herself to refuse this predictive super-ability. Strangely enough, after that, she had very few prophetic dreams.
"Maybe every child has a superpower when they're young, and the more they learn, the more they lose that innate ability," she concludes, half-joking and half-philosophical, half-metaphysical.

03. A moving fire

Perhaps because of her childlike purity, Ma Wenlu chose not to make art behind closed doors like many other artists, but to help other children explore art as a teacher.
She became a "good teacher, like a child," to her students. In her opinion, each child has a different personality, talent and story. Therefore, she never scripted, rarely taught students to "follow the rules", but encouraged them to explore freely and actively think. In addition to teaching art creation, she has also become a comprehensive "psychological teacher" to accompany the growth of students.
The student that is curious will look for her to enlighten, and their humanity will look for their commonalities to grasp onto. There was once a suicidal student, where she keenly perceived the repressed emotions conveyed in the other side of the picture. With her company, she helped gradually find a new direction in the labyrinth of life.
She said, "You learn as you learn."
In the world of her gentle and sound mind, growth and help are mutual. She believes that teaching is not only about developing students' artistic skills, but also about helping them develop their minds and diverse growth. "When I help people, they help people. It's a kind of flow." "She laughed.
She is like a warm lamp on the side of the road, not only to illuminate the way ahead for students, but also quietly sent the kindling to help others, with their own experience, love and feelings, in her unique warm way, to guide the generation after generation of passers-by no longer confused. 'I have a dream to travel around the world with you, with dogs and cats,' Ms. Lin writes in her slogan. The two people in the illustration are not defined or specified. The connection between people is a flow of memories, and the emotions generated by different roles such as family members, lovers and friends will also change accordingly. Lin Lin is looking forward to the memory hidden in the audience's past, which is the unique memory and emotion of the person who used to accompany them here.

In reality, it is difficult to realize the expectation of good vision is often full of emotional blend. "I will go to every city in China and create while traveling," Lin said firmly. "I think this is a meaningful thing." Lin Lin's journey is not only accompanied by "you and me, cats and dogs", but also accompanied by love.