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Blind Contour Portrait

Presenting an Art Lift collaboration with Artist Mia Bian...
What’s in a story? How does the story develop authenticity?
How does this story create that trusting feeling customers crave?

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What is Blind Contour Portrait?

Fueled by self reflection, drawing blindly is an outward self reflection that explores various forms of communication, representation, and discipline. Blind contour portrait exchanges personal concentration and solitude with the need for human connection, requiring coordination of hand and brain to follow and track reality without looking at the paper at all. So-called right and wrong representations fade away in favor of a deep, personal dialogue between subject, mind, and paper.

Artist:Mia Bian

As an artist, I am very curious about the definition of identity. Different from my previous works, this time I set three stages to promote my understanding of identity and how people define themselves-- how they see themselves, how they see heaven and earth, and how they see all sentient beings. Blind painting focuses on the third stage

Participate and Experience

We invite you to be a part of art creation, no longer as an art viewer, but as part of a team that makes art. Turn your story into a source of inspiration, leaving your voice and portrait into the art world. Our blind contour portraits will assembled as part of a collection exhibition. We are glad you're here with us to witness a fascinating art development of this era.

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