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ArtLift Artist Conference is artist focused, meaning you will be getting to know other artists.

Our team committed to bringing outstanding artists from all over the world together and giving artists a chance to tell their art stories to peers and audience. Stories have the power to inspire, strengthen, and heal. Artist Conference is a place where you can share your experience and read about what others have been through. Two main speakers present for 10 - 20 minutes about their art. It's up to artist what you'd like to put in the presentation and the direction you want to take it, and whatever stories you want to tell.

We would like to have you to be the presenter or guest artist. By participating in the event, you will have an opportunity to build connections with great artists from all around the world and share your work with our international artist community.

Comments about Art Lift

Wande George


"Thanks for your efforts in putting the conference together. It was nice being a part of your network.I love the diversity of your network. "

Sheng Wang


"Fantastic conference – thanks so much for all your thoughtful and effective organization. I really enjoyed my time at the conference. "

Steve Sweetser


"I really enjoyed the interaction in the event and the opportunity of being involved with Art Lift. I’m happy to do anything you come up with."